Window & Door Trends


Window & Door Trends
By Aynsley Dueck, Duxton Windows & Doors

Year 2021 was certainly the year of home renovations, and has blazed some new trends! Some key highlights for window and door replacements include high energy efficiency, large openings for maximized light, and dark coloured frames.

Greener Homes Grant

Thanks to the federal government’s Greener Homes Grant, homeowners can receive money back by replacing windows or doors with Energy Star® Most Efficient products. This grant encourages homeowners to select the most energy efficient product, and glass, possible. “It means homeowners will be more likely to select an awning instead of a sliding window, to get a tighter air seal” comments David Smeding of Shield Windows & Doors in Edmonton, Alberta. “Also, they are more likely to select triple pane glass with 2 Low-E coatings instead of just 1 for the maximum R-value.” The better the window, the more you can combat condensation when temperatures reach down to -30 degrees Celsius.

Enlarging openings

If you’re already replacing a window, why not make it larger at the same time? Homeowners are increasingly taking the opportunity to add natural light to their spaces. Connect a set of 3 windows into one continuous opening – or extend the lines of an existing window like these clients who modernized the look, while adding natural ventilation with operable windows along the bottom.

Customized Front Entry Doors

Front entry doors are the “eyes” to the home, and the best ones are memorable and unique! The availability of fiberglass panels is broad and varied – from woodgrain to smooth skin styles – cut-outs of glass that can be customized – custom matches for that perfect “sunset” colour. Paired with a fiberglass frame, you get a much more rigid frame that offers much longer durability. Lastly, consider a multi-point lock. “Customers love multi-point locks because they feel much more secure, and they are more airtight, which is perfect for our cold climate,” comments David.

Black is Back

Dark frames continue to trend, with black in the lead. As a neutral, it can be used in renovations and new construction alike. It particularly pairs well with the bright and modern renovations. By selecting a fiberglass frame instead of a PVC or wood frame, you can easily choose a darker colour, and apply it equally as the interior or exterior colour. Whereas PVC does not take to paint as well, and wood requires frequent maintenance, fiberglass is well suited to the trend.

On a similar note, it’s very popular for homeowners to select a custom colour that complements their wood trim. They are tired of having wood windows that require maintenance, but they also don’t want a white interior. Choosing a colour that picks up on hues in the grain is a nice nod to the original design, without staying in the past.