The Company

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DUXTON Windows & Doors is a family business dedicated to manufacturing beautiful, high-performance windows and doors. The company was founded in 1999 with the considerate selection of the optimum window framing material: pultruded fiberglass. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, DUXTON manufactures products for temperature extremes from -30°C to +30°C, resulting in excellent energy efficiency. The combination of insulated fiberglass frames with warm edge dual, triple, or even up to quint pane glass creates some of the most leading edge systems in the world. DUXTON is proud to have collaborated with many experts in sustainable building practices, striving to build products that will last for generations, not years. DUXTON’s products have been featured in cutting edge projects in Canada, USA, and Japan.

DUXTON’s product line is driven by the needs of architects and designers, resulting in a contemporary style that challenges industry standards of form and scale. Products are constantly evolving in response to unique plans and technical requirements. Challenge DUXTON to provide your solution today!

The company is a founding member of Fenestration Manitoba as well as a member of Fenestration Canada and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). DUXTON’s products are Energy Star rated as well.

A Guiding Philosophy for the Future

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DUXTON Windows and Doors seeks add value for its customers through its dedication to Form, Function and Flexibility.

Form Products are made with an acute design sensitivity, whether the project is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between.

Function All products are performance-driven and highly energy efficient to work with a tight building envelope.

Flexibility Our staff works closely with customers, architects, engineers, and contractors to find innovative solutions for design challenges. When “off the shelf” won’t work.

A Brief History

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DUXTON Windows & Doors was launched in 1999 through a complete family effort. The DUXTON team is similarly family oriented, and ethnically diverse, working hard to create a supportive work environment day to day.

The company chose to advance the Manitoba-born window frame technology – pultruded fiberglass. The combination of high-performance frames and glass suit both new construction and retrofit projects, including Net Zero homes (Canada and USA), Demonstration R2000 (Japan), high-rise multi-family housing, and various institutional facilities.

DUXTON participated in the introduction of Quint Pane R-20 insulating glass at Green Build Toronto in 2012. DUXTON is also the creator of the exclusive and critically advanced FiberWall™ system, most recently launching the complementary FiberWall™ 458 Operator, a venting system to break new ground in performance and durability.

The Founder

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Al Dueck, Owner and Founder of DUXTON Windows & Doors, has dedicated more than 25 years of his professional life to the window manufacturing industry. Graduating from the University of Manitoba with an MBA, Al has always been particularly passionate about product design and manufacturing in Canada. A large portion of his industry background involved leading edge glazing – technological advances offering greater energy efficiency, comfort, and durable warm edge configurations.

Al is the founding president of Fenestration Manitoba and is also active within Fenestration Canada.

Building the Future

DUXTON Windows & Doors has created a young and dynamic leadership team. The second generation – Aynsley Dueck – joined DUXTON Windows & Doors in 2012 as Marketing Manager. Prior to joining DUXTON, Aynsley graduated from the I.H. Asper School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, as well as the Art Institute of Vancouver through a Marketing stream. Surrounded with a strong leadership team at DUXTON, Aynsley brings a passion and drive to carry on building a Canadian branded manufacturing company producing leading-edge products in the industry.